From The Beginning

Well, here we are, 2016, and after almost 3 years I’ve made only a minimal amount of money at the work from home affiliate marketing business. 2016 however will be a different. After spending an enormous amount of money on tools, software and coaching it’s time to make it all pay off.

I can’t say I’ve wasted my money but if I gave up today all the purchases and learning I’ve done would be a waste. 2016 is the year I make it worth it and replace my income from the JOB I had and surpass that with some diligent work and focus.

The thing is, I named my company On The Mark Success because I know I can succeed, and I know I can help others do the same.

Writing this post is just the beginning of it. When I’m done posting I’m going to plan my day. This is something I’ve done many times but haven’t held myself accountable to getting them done. I haven’t committed myself to completing the tasks I set and require completion of them. If success is going to come then following through with each step of the plan is the way to do it. Like they say “Plan your work, Work your plan”!

In fact here’s today’s plan. Review appointment script and get it down pat. Research leads for and make calls until I get 3 appointments for the week. It doesn’t sound like much here but I’m scared to death to make those calls, let alone fulfill the appointment and try to sell a mobile website to someone in need of one. That is what I need to keep in mind, it’s something they need, and I can help them.

You are empowered.

If you are ready for the future- remember, the future is in your hands. Though you may often worry about those things out of your control, the things that are within your control are what’s going to make or break things. Take some time today to consider those- you have a lot more power than you might think.

A How-To Guide on Using Pinterest

Pinterest was first available for Facebook users to join so they could Pin/share different recipes, photos, clothes, quotes, etc. What’s new is Pinterest now has added a feature where business owners like yourself can create business accounts (rather than just personal accounts), and create boards related to your business that are separated from your business.
When you are posting to your boards, your boards should be organized and related to the community you are focusing on and to the services and products your business provides. Group together similar products, images, videos, etc. based on their content.
If you are conflicted on which board a pin should be in, it’s okay to put it on both. It might introduce a follower to a new board!

According to ComScore, “Pinterest has over 4 million users and is rapidly growing.” Also, “Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites.”
If you want these users to buy your products, services, or become future clients of yours, you have to make your business Pinterest site easy to navigate.
Tips to remember:
Pinterest pins which include prices receive 36% more likes than those which do not (Source: Shopify)
Include #Hastags. It will help potential customers find your products
Include a link to your product page when you Pin a product/service. If you force a customer to search through your catalog, if they can’t find it fast, they might lose interest! Make it simple for them

Data from Google Ad Planner shows nearly 1.5 million unique users are visiting Pinterest daily.

With Pinterest having 4 million users, 1.5 million users visiting daily, you can gain many followers quickly if you are posting attention grabbing content. That doesn’t mean you have to follow every user that follows you. However, if someone posts something that is relative to your business and you think it is inspirational, or has some helpful advice, re-pin it. It will show those who follow you that community is important to your brand.

Want more people to share your pins? Consider having a contest!
You could advertise this contest on other Social Media sites with a link to your Pinterest page. If these users on other Social Media sites are not current Pinterest followers but have an account on Pinterest, they can start following you, plus participate in the contest. So it is a win-win situation. You gain a follower and they get to enter the contest at a chance to win a free product.
Create a pin of a product you are willing to give away. Keep tabs on who is pinning it and by a chosen date, choose a random winner and give them the product they have been sharing on their Pinterest page. Not only will you make someone really happy by giving them a free product to try, but you will get a lot of free advertising.
If the winner loves the product, they will share with their friends and family what they think about it which potentially can lead to more sales for you!

Here is a helpful tutorial from Pinterest on how to pin your favorite stuff the web via a YouTube video so that it shows up on your Pinterest business page.

Currently, Pinterest may not be as huge as Twitter or Facebook, but it is dramatically growing. Considering how many people use it and it is free to share aspects of your brand, it is a great tool to utilize.

Growing Your Online Brand

Social Media is huge! Everyone is using social media sites to help simplify their life. Whether they are looking for advice on a good local business to hire for quality cabinetry work, a graphic designer who offers unique work, or maybe they just want to hire a familiar name and not just the first name that pops up in a Google search social media helps.

This is where social media comes in handy because just about everyone uses it. You can get your business name and what you do out there for everyone to see and become familiar with. Not only will you gain more business, but some sites like LinkedIn will help build your network as well.

Facebook is great. First create a business page and invite everyone you know and former clients to like your page. If you already have a web page for your business, put a link to your Facebook page on it. People can click that link, “like” your page, and “follow” your journey. Facebook business pages offer some nice features like:
 The ability to leave comments and ratings about your business potential clients can view.
 Contact information section. Clients can easily find your business information on your Facebook page without having to revert back to your website. Or, they can directly send you a message on Facebook.
 Post pictures and status updates! They will show up in the news feeds of those who have “liked” your page. Also, if a “friend” of your page leaves a comment or “likes” a photo or status update, chances of one of their “friends” seeing that “like” or comment is high; which can generate even more views to your Facebook page.
 You can follow similar businesses as well to follow what they are doing and keep up on current trends.

Twitter is a great tool to follow others who are in the same business as you. Use the search engine on the website and find some of your favorite businessmen and businesses who you find inspirational or who you think might offer you helpful advice. Follow their tweets and retweet them. They will post links to articles that will have to do with their business that can benefit you.
Making these connections will help grow your knowledge and your network. What is great about Twitter is when you decide to “Follow” someone, that person is notified. They will be able to check out your Twitter page and might “Follow” you too. This is what helps grow your network because if you start tweeting about your own business, those tweets might get shared so all of their followers will see them and gain you even more publicity. Twitter updates can also be linked to Facebook! So it is really simple to do one status update and it is updated on both sites.
YouTube is awesome because you can search and find a video about almost anything. You can use YouTube to find videos for your Social Media pages or you can create your own YouTube page and upload your own videos for people to gain knowledge about your business field, how it can help them and get informed. If you have a lot of information related to one subject that you want to get out there, creating an entertaining video might be the way to go instead of having a very long blog post for someone to read.
Word Press is a great place that is also free. You can create a website about yourself and your business if you want to step away from the typical Social Media sites. This allows you to have a more professional website, a blog, and your own domain name where people can get to know who you are and your background. They do offer 24/7 tech support.
LinkedIn, has many uses. When you are at the beginning stages of establishing your business, this is a great tool to use to network. On LinkedIn there are many ways you can meet people who share the same field as you or have resources you can use. Gain these connections by joining for free, adding colleagues and clients, join the many groups, and follow the different discussions and companies. Many people will offer up advice, or announce local meetings or events going on. Attend and network!
Instagram is all about photography. People and businesses post photos and other people comment on them. You can share what your business is doing, or just comment on others to help get your name noticed. The more you comment and use social media, the more familiarized people will become with your name. Hashtags are used to help kind of organize the photos. So if you were looking at a Schwinn bicycle, the comment you leave might include something like this: “Sweet bike! #Schwinn”
Hashtags also can be used with Twitter and when you click on them you find relatable posts.
Slideshare is a lot like YouTube, except for slideshows. So, if you have a cool PowerPoint presentation you have created for your business, you can upload it to Slideshare privately or publicly for people to view. You can also view other entertaining slideshows on the website that other users have uploaded. According to Wikipedia, there are around 58 million visitors to the website per month. That is a lot of traffic that can potentially reach your slideshow.
Google+ another social platform but already exists if you have a Gmail account and also where you can create a great blog using Blogger. Anything that has to do with Google, you can link to your Google+ account which is great. There are also “communities” you can join if they interest you and also you can add friends, colleagues and clients just like on other social media sites.
Pinterest is fun. When you join Pinterest, you can link your Facebook account. By doing this, you can start following the Facebook friends you choose (who have Pinterest) and they can follow you back. When they follow you, you can monitor the analytics of what they do with your posted pins. Do they share them, love them, etc? This will all be available to you so this way you are able to utilize this information to learn what your customers or potential customers want from you and what is working and what is not.

With Social Media being so popular, joining just a few of these sites can help grow and spread your brand. A lot of these sites can be linked together and can be placed on your website for easy accessibility too. There’s no reason you shouldn’t put your business website on these sites either. Getting yourself known via the internet is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your name out there while gaining knowledge and hopefully having fun!

Creating Your Brand Online

Creating Your Brand Online

In the previous post, 10 Social Networks were named that will help enhance your online brand, grow your network, and publicize your business. When you are using Social Networking pages, it is important to have a brand for yourself so people become familiar with your business when they see certain images, text, slogans etc.

Create a logo. When you do this, put it on all of your social media sites, your websites, blog, business cards anywhere that portrays your business. Make sure the logo represents your business and it stands out so it is memorable. Graphic designers can help you design a logo. Check out Fiverr and you can find someone to create one for you for $5. Or hire a few people and pick the one you like best.

An Avatar or using the same professional profile picture of yourself everywhere is important so people can recognize you.

Your Facebook Cover photo should convey a message, slogan, something related to your business to draw in positive attention.

When creating your Twitter page, use the same Avatar you have on your website, blog, Facebook, etc. As far as the color scheme for the background colors or photo, you can keep it simple by just using colors that are in-line with how you are branding yourself and your business and when visitors to your page see these colors, they develop a visual connection between the colors and your business.

Be consistent when your emails. Use the same Newsletter Header each time. A newsletter header can be as simple as your logo, business name, slogan, or some combination of the three. The recommended width for most email templates is 600px wide. Being consistent when sending your emails is important because it will help keep those subscribers familiar with your brand.

Promote your brand everywhere to get some exposure. Web Ads for your business can be put anywhere; websites, blogs, etc. Here is a great resource for common banner sizes and examples:

Using these techniques will help you take the steps in developing your personal brand and allowing future contacts to become familiar with you and distinguish your business from your competitors.


On the Mark Success has been utilizing Mosaic Hub for roughly three months now. What an awesome, free tool for new business owners!

Mosaic Hub offers:
 Free advice from other small business professionals
 Free help! Ask all the questions you want. Get responses and gain resources.
 Network with professionals like yourself.
 Experts available for hire! Need some extra help, but aren’t ready to hire someone directly into your company? Post a job or project and find a contract-employee on Mosaic Hub!

Also- No spamming! You will not find people trying to promote their business, selling their products, etc. This is really just a great community for people who want to help one another gain success and grow.

When exploring the site, you can browse a versatile number of business topics.
Here’s what MosaicHub offers:





What I also found great about exploring the above tabs is there are numerous questions that pop up in a discussion board format that have been asked by other business professionals. So before you ask your question, and have to wait for a response from someone, your question may have already been asked. Or, someone may have asked a question you had not even thought of yet.
The amount of useful information provided by MosaicHub is incredible. I also really like that all of the questions business professionals ask are neatly organized in their own group. There is no huge list of random questions from different categories. If you are interested in reading about or asking technology questions, you click the technology link. Management? Click the management link.

There’s really no reason not to join, it’s free!

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